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Sunshine on the water

Posted in The Chief’s Ramblings on Tuesday 22nd July 2014 at 12:02 pm by Steve

Tetris with Kayaks!!

Splash Down!!!!

Under the bridges at Saltash

Seascape on the lynher

Heading back after a stunning day

Last Wednesday and Thursday I had two paddling days with Courtfields School near Wellington. The first day was spent paddling the Tiverton canal, it was the second time in as many weeks, albeit a different section. The second day was spent on the River Exe. The Exe trip was made especially fun as we had to shoot two weirs. Despite the low water they were still great fun for all ages concerned. Getting splashed at the bottom of each weir was a welcome break from the heat. What a cracking day!! We did have some fun getting all the boats into the back of our van. Bit like playing a cross between, Tetris and Jenga!! Great opportunity for an arty photo though!!!.

Yesterday, I was again on the water, this time with the Womens Challenge Club paddling the River Lynher. We all met at around 10:00 beneath the two big bridges over the Tamar. It was the first time I had paddled this part of the Tamar Estuaury and what a great paddle it was. After leaving the busy Saltash stretch of river it was not too long before we were exlporing little shallow inlets full of grey mullet braeking the surface and herons all around in the trees and on the foreshore. It has been a long time since I have paddled in such excellent conditions on the Tamar. Who needs to go abroad when the weather can be this good? After a full day on the river everyone agreed how it was such a great trip. More days like these please!!!

Next week I have a Hill and Moorland Leader training coures to run, so that will be another busy few days. Still spaces available.

Hope you are all enjoying this great summer. Long may it continue. (or have I just gone and said the wrong thing!!!)

Dewerstone morning

Posted in The Chief’s Ramblings on Tuesday 15th July 2014 at 2:59 pm by Steve

Mark emerging from Colonels Arete

Mark on the final dark flakes of Central Groove

Climbing hardwear

Spent the morning with Mark, an ideal opportunity to chat through Young Spirit and the season ahead, and of course, to get a few routes in on the Dewerstone. We had a gentle warm up on Colonels Arete followed by an ascent of the Dewerstone classic Central Groove. First time I had been up this route in some time so it was nice to revisit it. Think it might have been a bit steeper than before, or have I just been near too many cream teas lately!!!!

Thought I would share a few pictures. 

Tomorrow I am up on the Tiverton Canal paddling with a school and then with them again on the Exe. hopefully the weather will hold as it was certainly warming up this morning. I have a day off on Friday and will be spending the weekend at a local music festival,Chagstock. 

Next week I have a relatively quiet spell with work, so no doubt that will be spent in the office sorting this autumn. 

Wow, two consecutive days in the office!!!

Posted in The Chief’s Ramblings on Monday 14th July 2014 at 10:12 am by Steve

Foxglove in the evening shade

Sunset on Yar Tor from Brake Plantation

Golden Ringed Dragonfly

View of Hound Tor early morning from my tent

To say it has been a busy time here at Spirit of Adventure would be the most understated comment of the year. It looks as though it has been our busiest season to date and we are not out of the woods yet (mainly working in them). I have been working predominently on our Young Spirit programmes which have taken me from the high moor, to the Tiverton Canal and of course to our camp in Dartmouth. To have more than two consecutive nights in my own bed (we do camp alot with these courses!!) has been a real luxury. I did manage to take a few days off when I visited some fields near Glastonbury to listen to some bands!!!! No chance of a comfy bed there either.

The weather has certainly been kind with only a few trips being marred by a little rain or a cold wind. Good weather does enhance these trips and they do become easier to manage. I have woken up to some stunning views from my tent, clear blue sky and lush green meadows, perfect. We did have a school climbing at Haytor last week and I was belaying for the group. The wind was pretty strong and at one point I had all my spare jackets on and my hood up as the temperature dropped as a result. Think I had the rum deal, as Jen whom I was working with (no more then twenty meteres away) was tucked around a niche in the rock with her group and was basking in the sun. Mark was running an abseil over on Low Man and he also had a sweet spot out of the wind. Guess I drew the short straw. Since both Mark and Jen set the ropes whilst I kitted out the group at the car park I had no idea what tghe conditions were like at the top. Didn't think they seemed to mind when I said I would run that climb. Some things you just cant be taught!!!! (Jen).   

Whilst out walking with a group on the moors I did manage to take a picture of a resting Golden Ringed Dragonfly. I did post it on Twitter but I thought I would share it again. We have another frantic week here and I will be paddling again on the Tiverton Canal and then on the Exe. We have our last Young Spirit trip of this term down in Dartmouth and a school arriving later from Norwich on a multi activity week.

We still have places on our Young Spirit Summer Camp  in August if you wish to give your children a fun experience during the holidays. 

mark has just arrived in the offioce so we will no doubt be looking at planning the autumn and the remainder of the summer. Going to be another busy day in the office. Kettle on then!!!

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