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Cracking Sunset

Posted in The Chief’s Ramblings on Friday 26th September 2014 at 9:12 am by Steve

Fantastic burst of light

Looking out from the ranges

Looking back towards Great Nodden and Brat Tor

Yesterday evening I took the dogs for their usual walk up around the ranges at Wilsworthy. What a stunning evening it was. A great time of day to be out with the dogs. At one point the sun broke out from below the cloud and lit up the whole area in a bright orange light. Tried taking a few pictures on my phone but they obviously didn't do the view justice. Thought I would share them anyhow. 

The fine autumn weather looks set to be around for a little longer. We have had schools at our Dartmouth site camping all week and what a week they have had. I am down there again next week for an overnight experience with a group of year 7's from Paignton Community and Sports Academy. Once we have finished the activities and have sat around the camp fire it will be time to hone those whittling skills!!!! As I tell the other members of staff "spoons are for Amateurs!!". Must remember my box of plasters!!! 

A Nursery Rhyme Springs to Mind

Posted in The Chief’s Ramblings on Friday 19th September 2014 at 10:27 am by Steve

I saw how they run!!!!

I came into work this morning and was posed with this question from John "Who is in charge of mice within the Spirit organistaion?". Knowing it wasn't in my job description and to think of it no one elses I took it upon myself to enquire further. On looking into our waste paper bin a movement was detected followed by a brief flash of a mouse. I meant that it moved quickly and that it was not exposing itself in any way!!! As I removed the waste paper I noticed that there was not one but two and then to my amazement three appeared.

A nursery rhyme sprang to mind about a trio of visually impaired rodents. To see how well these would run I removed the bin containing the aforementioned mice and transported them to a release spot from which they would not be able to find their way back. Luckily the bin didn't topple over enroute despite the efforts of the jumping captives inside. They certainly sprang from the bin and disappeared within an instant.

Hopefully now it will be safe to leave the staff biscuits unattended overnight!!!! 

Varied couple of weeks

Posted in The Chief’s Ramblings on Wednesday 17th September 2014 at 12:38 pm by Steve

Great Orb Web Spider, "Now can you get it off my leg!!!!"

HML candidates feeling the pressure in the sunshine

Exploring around Burgh Island

The Tour of Britain

Topping out on "Reverse Cleft"

Ray of Light

It has certainly been a few weeks since my last entry on the blog, partly because I took a few weeks out. Prior to that I have had a pretty varied time at work.

Since my last entry I have run a HML assessment, worked with John on a SPA training, paddled around Bigbury, watched the Tour of Britain flash past and have even got back into the routine of cycling to work.

The HML assessment was great weekend to work on as a course director as all the candidates passed. Some found the whole process quite emotional with a few just rattling the bar, but all met the required standard. The weather was very testing at the start of the course especially on the night nav when the rain and hill fog added to an already difficult night. Luckily for the candidates the weather eased as the weekend progressed. On one of the days it was quite noticible that there were alot of Orb Web spiders around on the moor. Some were quite impressive in size and had some fantastic markings. Apparently, once the female has laid her eggs in a silken purse she will stay with the eggs until she unfortunately dies. She would not have gone off to hunt for food during that time whilst minding her eggs. We also spotted frogs of all sizes whilst we were out and about and averaged about two a day, at least!!!! Thats a useless fact for you!!

Whilst on one of my days off I paddled around Bigbury one afternoon. A stunning afternoon it was, with clear flat water, a gentle breeze and the warmth of a late summer sun shining down. As the tide was quite low I had a great opportunity to exlpore a few of the many inlets around Burgh Island.

The Tour of Britain has been and gone and it always amazes me at the speed at which they travel. It is a great experience and the enterage of police out riders and team cars is as impressive as the cyclists themselves. Managed to get a shot Sir Bradley as the Peleton past at speed. The stage they cycled that day would be a day out for me including numerous tea and cake stops along the route. Think they would have finished as I would have been arriving at the summit of Haytor!!!!

Last weekend I was working with John on a SPA training and a great weekend it was with autumn weather still holding out.

The other morning I managed to capture a picture of the sun breaking out through a hole in the cloud highlighting a dot of land in the distance. I am out again on the bike trying to get into the routine of cycling to work. Hopefully I will now be able to keep it up. It has been difficult during the summer months as I have been camping with our Young Spirit trips on many of the weeks. Lets see if the weather holds, as it would be nice to have some pleasant weather to cycle in before the Autumn really turns!!!  

Next week I will down in Dartmouth for a couple of days followed by another few days in the office. Still alot of courses to plan for the autumn. Kettle on then Martin!!! 

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